A Severely Decayed and Fractured Tooth Might Need Total Extraction

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Tooth decay can pose a number of threats to your oral health and function. If you procrastinate having a cavity treated, the bacteria can start to work their way deeper and deeper into the tooth. The tooth can become so compromised that it fractures. In time, the untreated decay can even cause a dangerous infection or abscess in the gums.

A tooth this severely decayed might not be viable for treatment by a root canal. In a situation like this, your dentist, Dr. Douglas A Deam, might recommend a total extraction. If he finds an abscess, any infected tissues in the gums will also need to be excised.

This might require you to be fully sedated. If so, you will need to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home while the sedative fully wears off.

Dr. Douglas A Deam might prescribe pain or anti-inflammatory medications. This will help you manage your comfort during the recovery process.

While your gums are healing, you will need to eat a soft-foods diet. You should also avoid drinking through a straw as the suction could potentially pull a blot clot loose. It’s also a good idea to abstain from tobacco use as this could irritate sensitive gum tissues, increasing the recovery time. It could also cause a new infection to form in the healing tissues.

It’s natural for the incision to bleed a little during the first few days after the extraction. You can control the bleeding by biting down lightly on some sterile gauze. Once it’s under control, you can then rinse your mouth clean with lukewarm saltwater.

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