An Oral Cancer Screening Is an Important Element of Your Routine Dental Exam

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The American Dental Association recommends having a routine dental exam performed every six months. This simple appointment is designed to clean your teeth of hardened tartar while also monitoring your mouth for signs of periodontal disease and cavities, as well as signs of oral and pharyngeal cancer.

Detecting these oral health conditions early can significantly improve your chances of treatment success.

Oral and pharyngeal cancer are a particular concern in the elderly population. Even though the average age of diagnosis is 62 years of age it is possible for these oral cancers to develop at a younger age. Increased risk factors such as a family history of oral cancer, frequent tobacco use, and regular alcohol consumption can increase your chances of developing oral cancer at a younger age.

After your teeth have been cleaned and Dr. Douglas A Deam has examined your mouth, he will perform an oral cancer screening. This involves a cursory examination of your mouth, gums, neck, tongue, and throat.

If Dr. Douglas A Deam finds any signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer he will refer you to an oncologist or other specialist for further diagnosis and treatment.  

If you live in the Coral Gables, Florida, area and you have oral or pharyngeal cancer concerns, you should not delay in calling 305-443-4713 to schedule a checkup and screening at Douglas A. Deam, DMD, PA.