Are You a Softball Player? Avoid These Behaviors for a Healthy Smile

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Softball is a great sport filled with great hits, awesome teamwork, impressive fielding skills and more. However, there are some bad behaviors related to the sport, and those behaviors affect the smile. Our dentist, Dr. Douglas A Deam, wants you to have the healthiest smile possible, so he encourages you to avoid these behaviors:

-Drinking sports drinks: Sports drinks contain sugar. In fact, they contain high amounts of sugar, which means that when you drink them, you can promote cavity development. You don’t want cavities, do you? So, it’s best to drink water instead.

-Using tobacco: Tobacco can destroy the smile, so it’s important to avoid smoking it, chewing it and using it altogether. If you need help doing so, our dental team might have some tips to share.

-Chewing tooth-harming products: Some tooth-harming products include sugary gum and sunflower seeds. This is because sugary gum can promote cavities and sunflower seeds can crack the tooth enamel. It’s better to chew sugar-free gum and shell-less seeds.

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