Black Triangles: Before and After

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As time goes on, people often have recession of the gums, especially in the front teeth. This can come from genetics, gum disease, surgery, or just the aging process. It often results in dark triangular gaps between the front teeth, and are especially visible when people smile.

We call these unsightly areas “black triangles”. People feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when they smile and display these dark areas. These black triangles can be treated with crowns, veneers, or bonding. If there is nothing wrong with the teeth themselves, crowns or veneers are too aggressive as a form of treatment to solve the problem. However, properly placed, composite bondings are a fast and economical way of beautifully closing these black triangles to give the appearance of normal teeth.

Here is a before and after photograph taken this week showing a patient with some unsightly black triangles on her lower teeth. In just one visit, we were able to alter the contours of the teeth and close the dark triangular space with composite bondings (see the “after” photo).

Again, this was done in one visit, and with no numbing needed at all. The patient was very happy with the result. The teeth are still individual teeth and can be easily flossed and cleaned.

If you have receding gums and display these unsightly black triangles, please give us a call-we have just the solution for you. ~ Dr. Deam