Dental Implants Save Smiles

Dental implants can restore a missing tooth and renovate your smile--and can last an entire lifetime! Dental implants were invented in the 1960s, and their durability and impressive quality have made them extremely popular. We are happy to talk to you about dental implants and how they can improve your... Read more »

Root Canal Therapy Can Save an Infected Tooth

If the dental pulp in the root canal of a tooth becomes infected, your dentist may recommend root canal therapy. During this procedure, the infection is removed from the root canal of the tooth and the tooth is sealed. Symptoms Sometimes, there will be no noticeable symptoms that a root... Read more »

Caring for Your Dentures

Once you get your new dentures, it may be tempting to think that your brushing days are behind you. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth! While your dentures may not be your natural teeth, they will still pick up food debris during the day, and can be a... Read more »

Do You Know What Causes Your Tooth Enamel to Erode?

Tooth enamel, while being the strongest material in the body, is still susceptible to erosion through the damaging effects of acid in the mouth. This is a concern, because, over time, enamel erosion makes way for the bacteria and plaque to infiltrate the layers of your teeth as tiny holes... Read more »

How Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Work

Cosmetic dentistry is all about giving you the smile you deserve. At our office, we offer our patients many different cosmetic dentistry services. We’ve put together this short list of a few of them to help you decide if cosmetic dentistry treatments could be right for you: -White Dental Fillings.... Read more »

The Real Power of Chewing Gum and Peppermints

Let’s face it: bad breath is annoying and embarrassing. But if you think that all you need to combat that problem is chewing gum and peppermint, you might find yourself reevaluating your options. It is true that chewing gum and popping mints in your mouth can freshen your breath for... Read more »

Are You Brushing Your Smile With the Care It Deserves?

Are you taking the time to brush your pearly whites at least twice each day? This basic oral hygiene step is vital to removing harmful plaque and oral debris, such as food particles, from causing your smile to have tooth decay or gum disease. Today, Dr. Douglas A Deam DMD... Read more »

An Oral Cancer Screening Is an Important Element of Your Routine Dental Exam

The American Dental Association recommends having a routine dental exam performed every six months. This simple appointment is designed to clean your teeth of hardened tartar while also monitoring your mouth for signs of periodontal disease and cavities, as well as signs of oral and pharyngeal cancer. Detecting these oral... Read more »

A Lost Tooth Can Often Be Replaced with a Dental Bridge

An accident or injury can sometimes knock a tooth out of its socket. In many of these cases the damage to the tooth and the socket structure is so severe that it cannot be treated by endodontic therapy. In a situation like this Dr. Douglas A Deam DMD PA will... Read more »

Root Canal Therapies to Save Teeth

Root canals are therapies used to save dying teeth. When a tooth is damaged, and the pulp is exposed, root canals must be used. If not, the tooth will have to be extracted. Listed below are some guidelines concerning root canal therapies: - As is the case with most health... Read more »