Do you have crooked or crowded front teeth? Are you embarrassed of your smile? Do you yearn for a smile that is more attractive? Talk to Dr. Douglas A Deam about getting an Inman Aligner™ in Coral Gables, Florida! The Inman Aligner is a fast, gentle solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. Most patients who use this appliance reach the desired results in 6-18 weeks. The Inman Aligner uses Nickel Titanium coil springs that control two aligner bows. The aligner bows gently oppose each other, guiding the teeth into their ideal position. The Inman Aligner is removable, so it does not interfere with your lifestyle.

To prepare you for Inman Aligner treatment, our dentist will make impressions of your teeth so a custom-made aligner can be constructed. Once the aligner is completed, Dr. Douglas A Deam will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments. Wear the Inman Aligner 16-20 hours a day, as recommended by our dentist. Come in for appointments every 2-3 weeks so our dentist can check the progress of your teeth. In some cases, Dr. Douglas A Deam may recommend a retainer after your treatment is complete to prevent teeth from shifting back to their original positions.

We encourage you to contact the office of Douglas A. Deam, DMD, PA today to learn more and to schedule a consultation!