A laser is a device that emits light. Dentists use lasers in a number of dental treatments. Lasers are used to remove tooth decay and to prepare enamel for a filling. Lasers are also used to cure a filling. When treating gum disease, lasers are used to reshape the gums. They can also be used during root canal procedures to remove bacteria. Dr. Douglas A Deam is proud to practice laser treatment in Coral Gables, Florida!

Our dentist uses the UltraSpeed™ CO2 Laser for soft tissue procedures. This laser provides unparalleled precision and accuracy. The UltraSpeed™ has high water absorption, which is the main component of soft tissues. The UltraSpeed allows the dentist to incise gum tissues with the speed of a scalpel while sealing blood vessels. This laser is especially helpful for use in implants, oral surgery, and periodontics.

DIAGNOdent helps our dentist locate decay in your teeth. Some decay is difficult to find and diagnose because it hides in your mouth. DIAGNOdent helps our dentist easily find even the most concealed cavities. Even very small lesions and cavities that are just starting can be detected. This allows treatment before a cavity becomes large, preserving tooth material.

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