In most offices, you see the hygienist first for a cleaning and the dentist comes in at the end of the appointment for a quick look. During a dental checkup, our dentist personally does the initial comprehensive examination and spends a full hour with you. You receive a thorough, comprehensive examination, accomplishing the following:

  • A radiographic survey for cancer
  • A head, neck, and intra-oral cancer screening
  • An evaluation of the bite
  • Determining the need for night guards or other teeth protecting devices
  • A full periodontal examination and diagnosis
  • A determination of which type of dental cleaning is best for your needs
  • An evaluation of all existing dental restorations
  • An evaluation for the different types of cavities
  • A smile analysis and discussion to determine any cosmetic needs or desires
  • An evaluation for the need of crowns, porcelain inlays, or onlays
  • An evaluation for the need of implants or bone grafting procedures

Dr. Douglas A Deam will then develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan outlining the dental treatment needed, the sequence, and the fees involved. After your dental cleaning and exam, our team will schedule you for a short, complementary visit to review the treatment plan, answer questions, and go over the financial information for your treatment. At that time you will receive a copy of the treatment plan.

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