Dentistry Essentials 101: Tooth Restorations

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Although risk factor prevention techniques and oral hygiene daily routines are extremely helpful for keeping your smile safe, it is likely that your smile can still be damaged. If you do ever suffer any dental damage that needs to be repaired, visit your dentist for a tooth restoration. Multiple treatments exist to help repair your smile and give you the look your teeth and gums desire, including the following options:

– If you wish to cover up the fronts of unsightly or abnormal teeth with a highly effective and durable shell, a dental veneer can be used.

– In situations where you are suffering from deep stains or discolorations, teeth whitening treatment systems can help you. The most effective form of teeth whitener is a professional whitening system applied at the dentist office.

– Dental crowns are highly effective tooth restorations that are designed to cap and conceal teeth on all sides for added protection.

– If you are suffering from a cavity, you will need to have it filled in as soon as possible to prevent further damage to a tooth. This can be done with a procedure known as a dental filling.

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