Do You Know What Causes Your Tooth Enamel to Erode?

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Tooth enamel, while being the strongest material in the body, is still susceptible to erosion through the damaging effects of acid in the mouth. This is a concern, because, over time, enamel erosion makes way for the bacteria and plaque to infiltrate the layers of your teeth as tiny holes form. These holes remove the protective enamel barrier which covers the bonelike dentin under it, which in turn protects the nerves in the tooth pulp.


Enamel erosion invites tooth decay and cavities. If you have tooth sensitivity, discoloration of your enamel, translucent enamel, or cracked or rounded teeth, you may be experiencing the effects of tooth enamel erosion.


So where does acid in the mouth come from? The most common source is the foods and drinks you habitually consume. The following are sources of acid that can harm your pearly whites:




-Citrus fruits

-Tomato sauce

-Hot sauce



-Fruit juice


-Carbonate drinks (soda)

You can drink water with these dilute the acidic effects on your teeth, eat them with meals or snack on cheese and nuts. Drinking acidic beverages through a straw can also help mitigate the effects by limiting exposure on the teeth.


If you have a medical condition that exposes your teeth to the acids in the stomach, including pregnancy nausea, bulimia, and acid reflux, you can meet with your medical professional for help.


Enamel erosion doesn’t have to destroy your smile. Call our Douglas A. Deam, DMD, PA team in Coral Gables, Florida for an evaluation with our dentist, Dr. Douglas A Deam. Call 305-443-4713 to protect your smile health!