Failing Dental Fillings Can Contribute to Tooth Sensitivity

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Tooth sensitivity discomfort can often be linked to multiple factors including tooth enamel erosion, tooth decay, sinus infections and various dental health issues. Even if a specially formulated toothpaste provides some short-term relief, it might only be masking symptoms of a more serious problem.

Individuals who sometimes struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene habits or have a bad habit of skipping their regularly scheduled dental checkups, are at increased risk for dental health problems. In some of these cases, tooth enamel erosion can lead to gradually worsening tooth sensitivity.

At the same time, demineralized tooth enamel can also weaken the bond holding one or more dental fillings in place, which could also contribute to tooth sensitivity symptoms.

If you have been experiencing tooth sensitivity problems or a problem with severe sensitivity in a single tooth, it’s best to set up a dental exam with a dentist like Dr. Douglas A Deam.

In some of these cases, a small dental filling that has started to disassociate with the surrounding tooth enamel can be replaced with a slightly larger dental filling. After treating any affected teeth and other areas of tooth decay our dentist might also recommend measures to improve the overall strength of your tooth enamel.

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