Foods That Will Help Your Smile

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You’ve probably heard that there are several foods and drinks you should avoid. For instance, how many times have you heard that you should stay away from sugar and soda? Conversely, how many times have you been told about the foods you should eat?

Unfortunately, people tend to focus on the foods you should avoid rather than the foods you should incorporate into your diet. In fact, some of the foods you should eat will keep your teeth healthy and strong. Specifically, you’ll need a few different vitamins to keep your smile healthy. For example, if you don’t have enough vitamin B in your diet, you could have to deal with canker sores and experience trouble swallowing. Similarly, without vitamin C you’ll have difficult fighting off infection. Foods like carrots, peppers, strawberries, and kiwi are all good sources of vitamin C. You’ll also need vitamin D to keep your bones strong and healthy. To get vitamin D, try dairy products. Furthermore, drinking milk will actually help you fight against tooth decay.

However, there are others foods and drinks you should include in your diet. For instance, if you eat apples you’ll increase your saliva flow, which will keep bad bacteria out of your mouth. Similarly, sugar-free gum, celery, and crisp vegetables can increase saliva flow. Unsweetened tea can also fight off bacteria, though sugar can negate the benefit. Finally, remember to drink enough water. Water will wash bacteria from your mouth and keep your smile clean between brushing.

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