Oral Piercings and Your Health

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Are you contemplating getting an oral piercing? Did you know this medium of self-expression could significantly threaten your dental and overall health? Even though many people have these piercings, we firmly believe that you should be aware of some of the risks involved before deciding to proceed.

Bacteria is naturally found in the moist dark environment inside our mouths. If you get an oral piercing, you may be making yourself more susceptible to infections and other illnesses. One example of such a condition is endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valve tissues. Endocarditis may happen when bacteria from your mouth enters your bloodstream and travels to your heart.

Piercings could damage your teeth. When you are talking or chewing, your teeth may frequently strike the metal piercing and your enamel could wear away. Eventually, this kind of erosion could expose the underlying layers of your tooth that are more sensitive, or your tooth could chip and break.

Metal jewelry can also have the potential to injure your gums and soft tissues in your mouth. As a result, your gums could begin to pull away from the tooth, leaving the roots partially exposed to damage and decay.

If you would still like to have an oral piercing, or you already have had it done, please make an appointment with Dr. Douglas A Deam to learn more about dental safety, hygiene and care by calling 305-443-4713. We want you to remain healthy while maintaining your individuality in Coral Gables, Florida.