Keep Your Smile Safe This Halloween with These Tips

Keeping your smile safe is not always easy during the holiday season. With so many delicious treats within reach, it’s easy to let yourself slide on basic oral care. That is why, our team is happy to remind you the basic tips-and-tricks of oral care. The tips-and-tricks to help ward off cavities include: -Brush your teeth twice a day -Replace... read more »

3 Tips for Better Breath

No one likes having bad breath, but it’s even more embarrassing when it seems impossible to cure your bad breath. That’s why our team here at Douglas A. Deam, DMD, PA put together this list of simple tips that will help you have better breath – and more confidence in nearly every social situation. Prevent tonsil stones If you still... read more »

Important Tips for Taking Care of Your Temporary Crown

Your dentist, Dr. Douglas A Deam, secured the hard, plastic, temporary crown over the abutment of your decayed or damaged tooth to protect it while you wait for your permanent crown to be created. It’s important to remember that the temporary crown does not actually restore the full function of the tooth. If the temporary crown comes loose, falls off... read more »

The Importance of Flossing to Help Prevent Gum Disease

Gum Disease, also known as gingivitis, periodontal disease or periodontitis, is an inflammation of the gum tissue that is caused by the excess buildup of bacteria, plaque and tartar. If left untreated, this can have a serious negative impact on the health of your gums as well as the bones that anchor your teeth to your jaw. There is also... read more »