A Lost Tooth Can Often Be Replaced with a Dental Bridge

An accident or injury can sometimes knock a tooth out of its socket. In many of these cases the damage to the tooth and the socket structure is so severe that it cannot be treated by endodontic therapy. In a situation like this Dr. Douglas A Deam will suture your gums and prescribe some pain management medication. This will help... read more »

A Tooth Suffering from Dental Attrition Might Need a Dental Crown

As the years go by, minor alignment issues can develop, altering the angle of one or two of your teeth and making them meet improperly in your bite pattern. At first, this aberration in your dentition is minor and might even go without notice. Over time, it’s possible for one tooth to cause excess wear and tear on another. This... read more »

Important Tips for Taking Care of Your Temporary Crown

Your dentist, Dr. Douglas A Deam, secured the hard, plastic, temporary crown over the abutment of your decayed or damaged tooth to protect it while you wait for your permanent crown to be created. It’s important to remember that the temporary crown does not actually restore the full function of the tooth. If the temporary crown comes loose, falls off... read more »