Treat Your Smile to Instant Relief with CEREC® Dental Crowns

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Treat your smile to instant relief with CEREC® dental crowns. With CEREC technology, your dentist can take a dental impression of your damaged tooth and have a CEREC crown altered, shaped, sized, and colored on a computer to be milled the very same day, thus ensuring the possibility to have fast-acting relief when you need it without having to wait weeks for a replacement to be crafted in a lab.

CEREC same-day crowns can often be used to improve the look of your smile as well as its purpose. CEREC crowns also abolish the need of temporary crowns, as they can be made in a single visit. Not only are CEREC crowns customizable and rapidly available, but they are also extremely durable, with many patients noting they last with heavy daily wear and tear for over a decade. If your CEREC crown should ever be knocked out, it can be easily exchanged or reset once more.

CEREC technology can also be implemented for other dental procedures, including for dental fillings that may be desirable if a cavity has formed in a tooth. Due to the ingredients used, CEREC fillings can closely match the look of your teeth for a natural aesthetic that avoids the metallic finish that dental amalgams will provide. In addition, CEREC fillings are distinguished for being much more durable than composite fillings.

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