What Can Cause Gum Disease?

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Are you curious about gum disease and what factors can cause it? If so, we are happy to give you some more information that can help you keep gum disease away.

In truth, the real cause is plaque. Plaque is made up of bacteria when they form together on your teeth and gums. If left alone, they can infect your gum tissue, thus leading to gum disease. Many of the following items do not directly cause gum disease, but they can open the door for plaque to get inside your gum tissue.

– Forgetting to brush and floss. These two practices can clean out plaque for the most part, and neglecting them can put you at higher risk.

– Forgetting to visit the dentist. The dentist can catch plaque you might miss in a dental cleaning, but the remaining plaque can lead to problems if you procrastinate.

– Not getting enough Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your immune system. Without a sufficient amount, your immune system struggles to combat things like gum disease.

– Smoking. This can also weaken your immune system and your gum tissue as well, which leaves the gums more vulnerable.

– Teeth that are misaligned or packed too close together. This can make it difficult to brush and floss plaque away by making some areas hard to reach. Orthodontic work can help you straighten and realign your teeth to make brushing and flossing easier.

These are not all the things that can increase your risk of gum disease, but if you remember to keep these things in mind, you can keep your risk of getting gum disease low. If you would like more information or some help with a dental issue, please come visit our office in Coral Gables, Florida. Our dentist, Dr. Douglas A Deam, is happy to be of service to you. To contact us, please call 305-443-4713.